Office Safety is integral part of our personal safety as we spend around 9- 10 hours in our offices.We should treat Safety as a culture and not a single identity. Each employee working in an office or an industry should be aware of office/industry emergency response plan. ERP (Emergency response plan) includes different types of emergencies that may happen at your workplace as well as the definite response procedures to be followed by each employee. Safety is every person responsibility. 

No building is fire proof. Fire can happen anywhere, even a small one  spreads fast within few minutes to become a full fledged emergency scenario which may burn the whole building. Although companies have put fire prevention practices in place such as availability of fire extinguishers, installation of water sprinklers and hydrant system. But without proper training for its use and proper maintenance, they will be of no use at all. 

Fire extinguishers are meant for initial stage of fire or small fires. It means a fire can only be controlled successfully if a trained person is available near the seat of a fire incident. We should also have a small fire extinguisher (Multipurpose powder- ABC type) at our homes for our own safety.

Disaster is defined as a serious disruption of the functioning of a society, causing widespread   human, material or environmental losses which exceed the ability of the affected society to cope using its own resources. Disasters can be a natural disaster or man made disaster. 
Natural disasters are : Earthquake, Cyclone, Flood, Landslide, Tsunami,Cloud Burst and Drought.
Man made disasters are :Fire, Stampede, Bomb Threat, Chemical/Biological, Radiological/Nuclear,Gas Leakage. 

Evacuation from a building on fire and in case of an earthquake warrants a different evacuation response. You may be told by your ERT (Emergency Team members) to stay inside the building as earthquake shakes the building but you may be told to evacuate the building through a staircase in case of a fire emergency.

Companies conduct mock drills to check and evaluate the response of its employees , note down the unsafe behaviors to be corrected in time prior to an actual emergency.